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Dharma Bums - You Should Know (It’s All On You)

Worcestershire based Dharma Bums are set to release the lead single from their forthcoming debut album ‘Sell Your Soul’.

Formed in Summer 2015 Dharma Bums initially started out as an acoustic four piece; combining elements of Continental Jazz, Delta Blues, Country, Rock n Roll, Folk & Americana. 

The forthcoming album represents a significant development in their sound; some of the songs still contain familiar storytelling elements which characterized their 2017 debut EP ‘Nothing To Lose Blues’ but many of the newer songs have an edgier, grittier sound & in many cases the lyrical content is informed by the troubling times in which we live.

You Should Know (It’s All On You) is a perfect example of Dharma Bums new sound & the band would describe this upcoming release as “Pumping Rhythm & Blues with a Social Conscience”..

It tackles issues such as pollution, consumerism & how, over recent years the seeming shift towards the political right has led to division & confrontation within our communities & furthermore how it’s up to us all to heal these divisions & take responsibility for the environmental problems we face; problems that over the coming years will become even more impossible to ignore & impact the way in which we all live.

The single will be released on all the usual digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc. & will be showcased by a home made music video recorded & edited by the bands lead singer Kevin Wrench.

Discovered via Musosoup