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Dive into nordic darkness with the new album by Reism • Dysthymia

Reism are a Norwegian metal band that has evolved over the years from a studio project to a full band. They are known for their down-tuned brooding energy, with melancholic melodies and heart-wrenching vocal lines. Kirsten Jørgensen’s powerful voice dominates the dark soundscape of metal riffs blended with industrial noise, catchy choruses and soaring melodies.

Dysthymia is a mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical problems as depression, with less severe but longer-lasting symptoms. Reism felt this title reflected the feel and lyrical content of this album with songs that focus on theme’s such as betrayal, depression, and self identity.

This album refines all the elements the band have previously combined. Interweaving them seamlessly in an intricate web of organised chaos.

“Tight as the screws in Frankenstein’s neck. Somewhere slightly similar to Evanescence in line up and Within Temptation for theatrics, Reism have something that most others bands don't, they're intriguing.” AJJ - Glasswork.co.uk

“It's dark, it's sexy, with an energetic thirst that keeps you engaged. This isn't background music. This is brilliantly sequenced, moody and dynamic.” SA - Devolution Magazine #15

“Reism blew me away! They look like a well-oiled V8, pounding along the motorway at 9,000 rpm’s. The mixture of powerful drumming, menacing guitars, dark synth lines and Kirsten’s angelic vocals create a maelstrom of chaotic, yet well orchestrated fury. I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and can’t wait or more.” Paul Reay - Digital Noise Magazine #23

Discovered via Musosoup

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