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Dom Malin Releases Brand New Single “EYE OF THE STORM”

Hailing from the Midlands, Dom Malin’s reserved nature is not to be misinterpreted. His songs are the vessel in which he explores a catalyst of emotions. In an oversaturated scene, it is his substantial storytelling that sets him apart from your typical folksy, gentle sing-alongcampfire tunes. You feel what he feels as he takes you along for an emotional ride, leaving you resonating with the lyrics as if it was your own experience.

Conjuring a vocal as diverse as Father John Misty the melodic guitar of John Mayer, the live energy of Jack Garrett and the lyrical prowess of Ben Howard. Malin provides a musical performance that is captivating.

Dom explains; “everything I write, and everything I say, is the truth.” The song describes the moment you realise your love has faded, you no longer connect and your heart is empty. Like the final chapter of a book your story has come to an end.

He doesn’t like talking about his songs, and often refers to Sade Adu’s quote ‘once a song is out there, it’s no longer mine…’ He wants his songs to tell their own story so the listener can interpret and find their meaning.

Recorded in his bedroom and mixed by Craig Davis (The Flares, Candid and The Pines). Eye of the Storm displays his raw emotion and vulnerability reflective of his live presence.