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DOM YOUDAN returns with sparkling new dose of indie-pop in ‘POCKETS’

Bright, determined and well-poised for the warmer months ahead, Sydney indie musician Dom Youdan has propelled himself back onto the scene with his new single, ‘Pockets’ . Like the lovechild of The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle , this new Dom Youdan track is an evocative anthem, full of heart and sentiment.

As with ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’, Youdan’s earlier 2019 release, ‘Pockets’ celebrates the revelations that come with the passing of time. It’s a deeply personal effort, with Youdan taking inspiration from a close friend as they navigated the breakdown of a relationship; the creation of this song doubling as a journey of catharsis. “The song is built around holding onto the things we cherish dearly, whether they’re good or bad, and keeping them so secret that eventually, not even we can find them. It speaks to moving on but also struggling to let go.” Dom Youdan

Produced with Sydney’s Tim Tan , ‘Pockets’ catches you off guard. The track surges with pop sensibilities as Youdan’s voice soars across vivid melodies, while the lyrics are likely to stir emotion in even the most unsuspecting of listeners. The production still hints at the alt-R&B tones fans will remember from Youdan’s debut EP, Tigerlily. .

‘Pockets’ lands another emotional punch with its video, directed by Youdan and filmmaker Daniel Hartley-Allen . Centred on one character, played by Ines English , the isolation at the root of any breakup and the eventual growth from that period is brought to screen with genuine depth. “We wanted the video to echo the sentiment of the song but also have its own narrative. It’s a breakup told through one lens and one perspective, subtly looped across different days. We don’t even see the partner, we just focus on the lead and follow her relationship, the realisation that it’s not working and then the drive to look for something better.” Dom Youdan


“The atmosphere of this is so pretty. It slows you down. Lyrics are very interesting.” Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’)

“This is nice for Dom Youdan. There’s some really unexpected lines in here that tickle the ears. Sonically you could say it’s a bit like Andy Bull fronting Japanese Wallpaper.” Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe (‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’)

“The track swells with warm melodies and intimate vocals as Youdan gracefully croons about an unrequited love.” MusicFeeds

Bringing ‘Pockets’ to the stage in Sydney this month, Dom Youdan surges forward in the second half of 2019.

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