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Don't Let Me Go (But Leave Me Alone) - Karl Högmo

This song is a story about double standard and unrequited love between a boy and a girl. She wants him over the night but when it all comes down and the sun rises in the morning - she doesn't want him too close to her. She is afraid of letting him in on an emotional level, just because she is scared herself to get wounded. A professional and beautiful produced music video depicts this love story set in the southern of Spain. The music video is linked above and drops on several platforms April, 11th.

Karl Högmo is a 23 year old, singer/songwriter & independent artist from Sweden. When he as a young boy realised that playing drums in his older brothers band was an easy task - music started to thrive for him. What first was a hobby grew bigger by the years and became a passion that he still carries with him today.

Karl makes different types of music but specializes on indie pop/rock. With focusing on constantly developing as an artist and songwriter he finds new ways to evolve his sound and his creativity.

Don't Let Me Go (But Leave Me Alone) is Karl's third release since he debuted as an artist in January 2019.