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Don’t Really Need You is the new single by Mitchel Logan

About the Song:

“Don’t Really Need You” is a rhythmically upbeat, catchy, and satirical song about what happens when your relationship is missing a flame.

Lyrics such as “you could drop a plate or two and I’ll go slam a door… You could start to pack some things and I’ll ask ‘are these yours?’” bring a funny new spin on adding some passion.


Mitchel Logan spent the majority of his early adulthood pursuing a career in Entomology, only to realize that he was meant for music after obtaining his master’s in Entomology at University of Hawaii, Manoa.

In 2019 Mitchel decided it was time to start making his musical ambitions a reality, performing at bars and busking in the streets of Oahu’s hot spot “Waikiki”. Now Mitchel has accumulated over 12,000 followers on Spotify and has a growing community of fans that are ready to listen.