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Earworm alert: Rough Grind share new song from upcoming album!

Promo pic by Petri Damstén

Rough Grind released new music on Wednesday. The new song, titled “The Die Is Cast”, is the second single from the upcoming debut album "Pieces of Resistance" by the heavy rockers hailing from Finland.

Rough Grind is known for their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal, with their music featuring both hard-hitting songs about the injustices of modern world as well as reflective, soul-searching pieces. The latter is well evidenced by the power ballad “Hereafter” from the band’s previous release as well as by the latest single.

“The Die Is Cast” was also released as a video, and you can see it on the Inverse Records YouTube channel.

We wanted to use the video to bring a new angle to the lyrics. People can feel like they’re prisoners in a relationship or a bad situation in life or even inside their own head, and if that goes on long enough, you know it’s going to get ugly. Sometimes you just have to find the courage to make the hard decision that gets you out of that vicious circle, says bass player and lead singer Sami.

The band released three EPs with their previous line-up, with the last two receiving airtime around the globe. The upcoming album sees Sami, guitarist Ville and drummer Killi joining forces with new guitarist Arg.

"Pieces of Resistance" will be released on all digital platforms worldwide on March 4, 2020.

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