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Ed Sykes And The Sonic Oscillators New Video Seals a Rock and Roll time capsule and destroys it...

This latest single ‘I’m Forever Losing You’ Released on 20/06/2020 on Co6 Records by Ed Sykes And The Sonic Oscillators marks the first release from his forthcoming debut album.

This current release also showcases the full installation of his live band The Sonic Oscillators into his recorded output. They provide a solid platform for his psychotic hybrid of freak pop, space rock and dubby psychedelic excursions.

There is a certain 1967 innocence about the playful construction of this genre hopping single.

The single and promo video was premiered at Youth’s and The South London Arts Lab Summer Of Love 2020 Festival on 20/06/2020.

‘I’m Forever Losing You’ was recorded onto a 1968 3M Tape machine that was last owned by EMI at Abbey Road. So if this song has a tonal feeling of familiarity about it then it’s quite likely down to that you are hearing a song from the very same machine that Beatles solo albums were recorded on amongst countless of other classic records you may have in your record collections.

Producer and Sonic Oscillator guitarist Nathan Wacey has applied strictly old school recording techniques and used vintage equipment including an ex BBC desk, once used by John Peel, to make music sound like the records from 1950-1995. The golden analogue era of Pre digital recording.

The song ‘I’m Forever Losing You’ whilst generally presenting itself as a swaggering pop song is a slippery fish to net as it demonstrates switching between tones of Black Sabbath, Tony Harts Gallery, King Tubby and something vaguely traditionally Hispanic all in 3:40 minutes.

‘I’m Forever Losing You’ is a good forerunner and opener to the album. It’s parameters give you a taste of the pick n mix you are about to encounter throughout the forthcoming album.

The promo video was recorded under the difficult and restrictive time of lockdown. The band had to be recorded separately and then subsequently edited together. Ed’s frustration and sadness is clearly visible as he destroys slogans in the video such as ‘Culture Is Cancelled’ ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and ‘’Panicky In The Uk’. The video demonstrates a sense of ‘the dream has broken’ as this is the first time since 1951, the release of the first Rock And Roll song, that you can’t innocently hold hands as the Beatles once encouraged and there are no concerts to attend. These are shocking times and this song and video aim to capture this whilst championing a continuum of the true Rock And Roll spirit.

Ed Sykes as well as completing his forthcoming debut album ‘Sky Seed’ with The Sonic Oscillators he is also in the process of producing Jon Povey of The Pretty Things autobiographical debut solo album.

Ed Sykes has also very recently collaborated with FSOL/Amorphous Androgynous wizard Gaz Cobain on a couple of his forthcoming releases.

Ed Sykes And The Sonic Oscillators are:

Ed Sykes : Vocals Nathan Wacey : Guitar Aaron Sly : Bass Guitar Jon Quin : Drums

‘I’m Forever Losing You’ was recorded at Rebellion Studios, Marks Tey, Essex.

Photography credits: Maryann Morris