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Emerging & exciting, FOXHAUNT are back with soaring alternative rock track ‘Out of Control’

York-based emerging alternative rock outfit FOXHAUNT have been paving their way by releasing critically acclaimed alternative rock tracks with an edge! Their singles ‘Dirt’, ‘Trust No One’ and ‘Open Water’ received their well deserved attention from outlets such as Digital Tour Bus, It’s All Indie, Punktastic and Radio Wigwam to name a few.

“With some wallowing guitars in the background in the bridge, they’re teasing you as you get ready for the drop into the chorus, when it finally hits you’re welcomed to a wall of guitars upon guitars and those crunchy basslines and festival sing-a-long worthy lyrics.” - It’s All Indie

“The band achieves magnificent cohesion and explodes in the stadium-worthy refrain. At 2’40 ” comes a break with a very interesting bridge that incorporates elements of the best grunge just to return to the chorus in all its brilliance.” - Rock Fueguino

“Permeating and penetrating, with a powerful and overwhelming sound, with ‘Open Water’ Foxhaunt open up and unleash the full power of their musical delivery.” - Nova Music Blog

The band have been creating their British alternative rock sound since 2018 and have been influenced by Linkin Park, Alexisonfire and Don Broco. FOXHAUNT performed with notable artists such as Emarosa and Normandie and are well known for their energetic live shows. It delivered them a loyal fanbase all over the world!

Their latest release, ‘Out of Control’, stems from those moments of ups and downs that get on top of you as a person and how they can lead into self destruction. It can take its toll on someone's mental health and lead you down a dark path feeling alone. This is probably one of the bands most emotional songs lyrically and was written at a time where a helping hand was definitely needed…