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Detailing the breakdown of a once intimate, loving relationship, award-winning singer-songwriter Emily Drinker is back with her new single “Enough is Enough” - rediscovering her self worth and sense of identity.

With production from Matt Muir, “Enough is Enough” is the lead single from Emily’s upcoming debut LP, set for release in the Autumn. A track full of subtle swagger, Emily’s impassioned vocals and upbeat instrumentation coalesce into something bigger than love… freedom. “I love singing this song because it makes me feel so powerful,” she says.

Touching upon her motivation for the new single, Emily explains - “The track came about at the end of a long, drawn-out relationship that never seemed to fully ‘work.’ I kept returning to this person, despite the emotional pain inflicted during our relationship. For me, the song encapsulates that moment many of us reach in strained relationships when we find ourselves throwing up our hands and reaching a breaking point. By the time the chorus hits, I’ve stepped into my empowered self, exclaiming that I won’t put up with any of that anymore.”

Hailing from Philadelphia, Emily Drinker’s delicate blend of folk, soul and ukulele driven pop creates a rich sonic haven for her listener to reside in. Completing her very first tour in the U.S in 2019, the young artist also toured with a friend's band in South America, performed at the Philadelphia Folk Festival and received support from NPR.

With the forthcoming release of her debut LP, “Enough Is Enough” is indication of an artist who has confidently discovered her sound.

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