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Emily Mercer “Gallery”

Manchester based singer-songwriter Emily Mercer releases new stand-alone single “Gallery” on 29th June 2020, following the release of her debut EP “Transparency" in 2019. The song explores the notion of giving up control, losing one’s sense of self and seeking the validation of others. “Gallery” is dreamy and constantly growing, moving from sparse solo piano and voice to a lush full band sound with a laid back groove, topped with tight, soulful harmonies and smooth, soaring guitar.

With deep vocals, rich chords, punchy hooks and unexpected turns, Mercer’s piano-driven songs stitch together elements from folk, soul and pop to create a distinct, often hard-to-define sound. The Manchester Evening Post described her style as ‘A hybrid of Tori Amos and Florence + The Machine’, though she is also heavily influenced by art-pop artists such as Fiona Apple and Kate Bush, as well as by alternative singer-songwriters including Weyes Blood and Charlotte Day Wilson.

“Gallery" differs from Mercer’s previous work. Her debut EP “Transparency”, was a quirky, jazzy offering with strong folk influences. “Gallery” shows a more tender, restrained side to Mercer’s songwriting, subtly hinting at her pop and soul influences. Some of the more complex musicality and structure is dialled back, allowing the lyrics to take centre stage.

Instrumentals for the song were recorded with Mercer’s band in Leeds shortly before the UK went into lockdown. Band members include Leeds musicians Nii (guitar), Nicky Bray (bass) and Thom Oliver (drums). Lockdown meant that vocals for the track had to be recorded remotely from Mercer's home in Manchester. This isolated set-up resulted in a more raw, intimate vocal performance and allowed time for the song to take on a new shape.

The song carries a clear theme throughout, using playful metaphor to paint a picture of love, uncertainty and mental health.



Discovered via Musosoup