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Enchantya released a new music video Downfall to Power!

Album cover by: ​Phobos Anomaly Design

Portuguese melodic metal band Enchantya released a new music video Downfall to Power. The track is taken from their long-awaited second album "On Light and Wrath" which was released in May 24th 2019 by Inverse Records

Singer Rute Fevereiro comments:

"Downfall to Power" is the perfect song to reflect the concept of Enchantya's album "On Light and Wrath ". I thought about a story where the disappointment with the fairytale world merges with the unrealistic dichotomy of good and evil. The video production was made by Carlos Guimarães from G Media, it had the participation of Diana Rosa and Lee AN in the acting roles, the make up work by Ana Filipa Ferreira and it was filmed in the enchanted forest of Sintra. "

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