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Ennie Loud's beautiful video ' The Best I Can'

“Dank neo-soul with an Erykah Badu flavour” Clash

“This is ecologically organic contemporary R&B given with a touch of self-assured flourish” RAWRAMP

“Echoes sounds as if the late great Amy Winehouse” Turn Up The Volume

“It's about the remarkable inner power and resilience of women, taking the form of a dialogue between the strong and the weak in all of us. Even if we feel so fragile sometimes, we have a great inner strength that can guide us to our dreams. Dream and be strong!”

About ‘The Best I Can’ 

Sweet without being saccharine, sentimental without being mawkish, ‘The Best I Can’ is a poignant reflection on the twin poles of femininity, and the quiddities of being human and vulnerable. Framed as a series of statements to one’s weaker self, ‘The Best I Can’ is a slow bounce hinged around a minimal and addicting bassline. Written by Cassandra, whose R&B tinged vocal recalls the halcyon days of Lauryn Hill, the song was produced by band member Fabio Rizzoli, aka BeeOff, and recorded and performed by the band at the SAE Institute of London. Beau Vallis (Kelly Rowland, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg) assists Fabio with the mixing and masters it himself. On ‘The Best I Can’ EnnieLoud have found a style that mixes neo-soul melodics with the ambient soundscaping of artists like Portishead and Goldfrapp, adding technical flourishes used by live DJs - drum and bass filters, synth arpeggiators and samples. The video was directed by Juanmi Cuesta and choreographed and performed by Italian danseuse Colette Gasparini. It follows a young girl as she dances with tireless passion in the immensity of a disused warehouse. ‘The Best I Can’ is a sincere expression of inner-strength, a genre-defying testament to self-definition in the face of very human doubts.

About Ennie Loud 

EnnieLoud are a trio of musical innovators from diverse points on the map who coalesced to craft their unique sound in the cultural melting pot of north London’s Wood Green. The plurality of their adoptive neighbourhood is channeled into their music, which crosses cultural and generic boundaries to arrive at a sound which can loosely be defined as ‘alt-soul’. Street-dancing singer/songwriter Cassandra fronts the dexterous trio, which also includes Berlin producer/DJ BeeOff and multi-instrumentalist Ross. Together they have received international acclaim, co-writing ‘My Faults’ with top Italian DJ Vincenzo Callea, before getting remix treatment from Grammy-winning producer Yoad Nevo (Goldfrapp, Sia, Moby). The single was released in Germany and Italy, where it hit national radio playlists and made waves across Europe in France, the UK, Greece and Russia. The accompanying video won ‘Best Video Clip’ at the New York City International Films Infest Festival and became a finalist at the 2018 Los Angeles Cinefest. Their first official single ‘In My Room’ was released in July last year and hit the blogosphere to much acclaim, receiving coverage in the UK, Mexico, USA, Canada, France, Belgium and Kenya. Receiving its premiere on Clash, ‘In My Room’ went on to be playlisted across Spotify, hitting ten thousand streams in three weeks. It’s early days, but EnnieLoud are quickly proving themselves a vital and beguiling new act on the international circuit. 

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