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Bedroom-pop soloist MILA will release his brand new single ‘Queen Of The Hive’ on 9th October.

MILA's characteristic brand of bedroom-pop fuses elements of indie, hip hop and slacker to create an infectious, energetic sound.

Having already achieved international success as bassist for RAT BOY, 2019 saw MILA embark on a well-received solo project with features on Spotify's 'Hot New Bands' and 'Peach' playlists.

‘Queen of the Hive’ is set to cement MILA’s place alongside the artists that have greatly influenced his music including the likes of Homeshake, The Strokes and Joey Baddass.

February 2021 will see MILA undertake his debut UK headline tour with shows in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol and London. Joined by Harry (RAT BOY guitarist), the six-date run promises to be an explosive high energy display.


"I wrote Queen of the Hive after watching 5 seasons of a show on Netflix in just 1 or 2 weeks. Looking back I think I might have got a bit too obsessed with it all, but it was a good waste of some of the lockdown, and I suppose I gained a song out of it. The song is about overcoming boundaries which can get in the way of the end product or goal someone is trying to achieve; and ways to overcome them.

I make all of the MILA music at home; first working on the beat which is how this track started off and then adding the lyrics. I got stuck with this track for a while as it wasn’t really materialising the way it was in my head so Gethin Pearson stepped in and added some additional production and understood what I was going for (we communicated over WhatsApp so he had to deal with me humming 808 patterns into the voice notes of our chat)."