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Esther Turner - 'Never Change'


The song is about being true to yourself and true to your beliefs and true loves Sometimes others might express their opinions and tell you your living your life wrong and say you should or shouldn’t be doing things .but You shouldn’t have to change yourself for anyone else .

And really we should be embracing each other’s differences.


Birmingham born and bred artist Esther Turner was exposed to music from a young age with influences of Joni Mitchell, Craig David, Avril Lavigne Micheal Jackson, which later encouraged her to seek her own musical preferences.

She has supported a number of high profile acts including Ed Sheeran, The Jacksons and Boyzlife . Esther is as much at home on the big stage as busking on the high street but can usually be found playing local live music venues. Keen to further develop her sound. A recent evolution of her acoustic style has seen her experimenting with a growing number of electronic effects units to produce a complex and engaging live performance.

Esther is working hard on her original records (plus accompanying music videos on YouTube). 2019 BBC introducing wm made her brand single ‘The Great Escape’ February track of the month and have previously described her as a ‘grafter’ and ‘busking legend’.

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