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Ethan Charles - Less Bullshit, More Ethan Charles

Originally from South Florida and now based in New York City, Ethan Charles Abramson attributes his indie-folk style to his eclectic and insatiable music taste. Growing up with records ranging from Bob Dylan to Stan Getz to Incubus, Ethan has melded his musical influences with his French-Moroccan heritage and classical/jazz training to create a sound that strives for honesty and necessity.

Under his solo title Ethan Charles, he wrote, recorded, and produced his EP For Reasons that will be Explained, which proved a vulnerable reflection of his years in FL, NY, and all the significant experiences in between. His EP attracted French-Israeli Victories de la Musique winner Yael Naim as well as Rock n’ Roll icon Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü; both invited Ethan as their opener for sold-out shows at City Winery NYC.

Motivated by ticket sales and disappearing merchandise, the venue invited Ethan to join their Cellar Sessions along with G. Love, Rhett Miller, and Blues Hall of Fame inductee John Hammond.

The album

As the title suggests, Less Bullshit, More Ethan Charles abandons distraction for exposure. Defined by his intricate technique and poetic license, songs explore the artist's quenchless pursuit of love, aimless sensibilities, and good ol' fashioned affinity for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. As a wholesome yet haunting finger-culled melody cradles his truth: "I try, I try,/To make peace with danger,/And dream of smaller mountains,/To climb.”


Ethan attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied at the Meisner Studio and the Classical Shakespeare Studio under famed acting coaches including Suzanne Shephard, Tim Carroll, and Victoria Hart. The combined techniques encourage a truthful and specific approach to his craft, capable of transcending film, TV, and theatre.

What critics say

“The angelic strumming of his acoustic guitar against his soul wrenching vocal ability are just two of the elements that make his sound one of the most compelling that I’ve heard this year. The pace he follows in his music is easy, and fathomable. such energy and evocative emotion are mixed up in his debut single Highway Song that it’s almost enough to bring a tear to the eye. I can’t remember the last time I heard a sound this real.” - Amelia Vandergast; A&R Factory

“This freedom to change and be changed—this willingness to go with the flow and let what’s in front of him overtake him—is a liberating listening experience: we don’t know what he’ll say next, but we are so here for it, and we’re ready to hear more.“ - Zennie Trieu, Ashley Hutchinson; The Post Graduate

What the people say

“The Dylan of our time.” - Ethan’s friend, Mike

“Better than the Spice Girls.” - Drunk girl in the front row

“A pretty great actor.” - That agent that didn’t sign me

“Charming and handsome.” - Ethan’s mother

Less Bullshit, More Ethan Charles Liner Notes

I’ve been obsessed with growing up and discovering what that means—how many people do you have to hurt to learn a lesson, how many lies do you have to tell to move up in the world, how dead do you have to feel to feel alive. Combine that with how many crap songs and poems and stories and taglines and riffs do you have to write and suddenly blood and tears and laughs yield new, quixotic questions beyond artistic reasoning. Like mountains and lakes and forests and space and rejected truth, its existence is its value; Stegner said, “It is important to us when we are old simply because it is there.”

Every song is a battle between pen and legal pad, and every fight is harder than the last and you can only hope you fought better this time and you either did or you didn’t.

Then I think on influences: infuriating prophets half of which seem more profound with each go, while the others write their best as adolescents and then crash in a ditch of self-sabotage. I’m not sure who I envy more.

Then there’s your self and your sloth and your love and your doubt and the only doubt you can trust.

But I don’t think about any of this when I write. When I made Reasons, I wanted to see what I could do; I needed something to show. With this, I arrive at the doubt, the struggle, and the bullshit.

Thank you for listening, thank you for sharing, and thank you for giving me a reason to keep doing what I love. -E

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