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Eva Snyder’s ‘Transparent’ is her newest and most unapologetic pop piece yet

Written on the floor of her San Francisco apartment, Eva Snyder’s newest single, Transparent, is her most raw and shameless pop piece yet. Due for release on October 9th 2020, Transparent hits like an unapologetic diary entry. Eva embodies her insecurities and owns them in this ‘warning’ to a future lover. This first single kicks off a year of new music. Eva has promised 6 songs, each a reimagining of what honesty looks like—at home, in relationships, and with herself.

Eva Snyder on Transparent:

“I originally wrote the song with the hook ‘I’m such a damn mess’ and titled the song ‘Damn Mess’. When I brought this song to my producer, Reid Shippen, he loved it but asked why I was being so critical of myself with the hook. Upon reflection, I decided to remove the ‘Damn Mess’ line and instead, just keep the line before it - ‘I’m f*cking Transparent’ and re-name the song ‘Transparent’. The song instantly felt like home in the best way possible. ‘Transparent’ is my unapologetic diary for anybody wishing to get to know me. Sometimes I drink too much, sometimes I’m quick to judge others, and I absolutely talk about my ex too much.”