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Ex-Sisters of Suffocation bassist joins Shuulak

Puck Wildschut, former Sisters of Suffocation bass player, has permanently joined Heavy Metal band Shuulak.

After leaving Sisters of Suffocation, Puck wasn't really looking for a new band to join. “Far from it”, Puck says smiling, “I'd just left a band which I was part of for four years and wanted some time for myself”.

When Shuulak contacted her however, things happened lightning fast. The music grabbed her and a first meeting showed instant chemistry between all concerned. “This is a group of people who've been friends for years and I immediately felt at home. To me it's incredibly important to not only make music together but to have a lot fun doing so as well. With Shuulak I've found this again”.

The five piece hit rehearsal space to play their first gigs together two weeks later: back to back shows in Belgium. The seasoned bass player found it easy to get back into the groove. “I wanted to deliver straight out of the gate and I'm happy for the warm reception I received from fans, both old and new!”

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