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External release a new single and music video

A Finland-based progressive metal act External have released a new single, "Anhedonia". It’s their first release with guitarist Roger Lundberg, as well as the first with major songwriting contribution from bassist Samuel Järvinen. In the mixing process External worked with Asger Mygind from the Danish band VOLA. The song is accompanied by a music video by Tuomas Ikonen.

The band tells: "We're extremely proud to share Anhedonia with the world. We chose this song as a single, since we thought it has a satisfying balance between things that define our current sound - groove, heaviness, softness, complexity and accessibility.

Lyrically, the song is about losing all the colours from your life, feeling no enjoyment or pleasure from anything. Amidst all, the chorus is a plea to keep fighting and not to give up.

It was truly an honour to work with one of our musical inspirations, Asger Mygind (VOLA), in the mixing process. The greatest of thanks go to him, Samu Oittinen, Tuomas Ikonen and all the talented people involved for doing such an amazing job, as well as to our friends and families for their constant support!"

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