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Fair Visions release 'Feels Right'

‘Feels Right’ was one of the first songs written for what would become Fair Visions’ debut EP, A Way Out, in a period of transition for songwriter Ryan Work that led him from Boston’s Berklee College of Music to Brooklyn.

The anonymity of New York, by turns liberating and crushing, fired a slew of new songs for Work. He reflects: “To me, the song is just a checking out of a world that’s too occupied with itself to even notice you’ve drifted off.”

Co-produced with Abe Seiferth (LCD Soundsystem, Car Seat Headrest, Susanne Sundfor), ‘Feels Right’ slowly builds as the loneliness and uncertainty that haunt the singer’s footsteps fall away into oblivion. Its galloping rhythms, billows of synthesizer, and optimistic chorus (“Oh, I can feel it in my bones / This has always been my home”) are undercut by Work’s complex delivery, which turns every cheerful lyric inside out — answers become questions, sunshine turns to moonlight.

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