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Fear and Trembling - Vault

Fear and Trembling is an ambient electronic musician. Inspired by people, objects, sensations, and feelings, his music and soundscapes are a direct expression of his own quiet, veiled agitations. By the use of analog equipment, self-recorded organic sounds, and blending electronic signals - his aim is to express and describe at the utmost, the place where lie his hidden fears and tremblings.

Driven by artists like Rival Consoles or Aparde, Fear and Trembling decided to ultimately overcome the process of sharing his music, not only with himself. Born in the French capital and living in the British one, Jérémy Hagry became Fear and Trembling, embodying the simplicity of warm and emotional fears, stationed in his innermost environment.

Fear and Trembling envisions to be an union of audio and visual assets, projected live while Fear and Trembling performs his music.

//VAULT — story and inspirations

It all began with this scratchy sound, against a wooden table. All the anxieties and fears accumulated within my body, I had to compose and write - as an outlet. This sound can be heard throughout ‘Vault’, as a reminder that this is where it all started.

‘Vault’ thereby introduces this new musical venture, as a parable of my inner vault of sensations and feelings, freeing up.

This piece is the only instrumental piece from Fear and Trembling, as the process of overcoming the confidence of using one’s voice, was a longer journey.

‘Vault’ music video has been released on 5th of April 2019, followed by a streaming release (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) on the 26th of the same month. Then will follow the rest of Fear and Trembling’s first EP, ‘Velvet’, as well as music videos on each title from the EP, that will be projected live while Jérémy will be performing.

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