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Fernando Triff is back on the scene with a new music video, Let’s Rock

March 2020 - Fernando Triff is an artist whose music blurs the lines between rock, pop, and more. Recently, he set out to release a brand new project titled Let’s Rock. The single comes in with a matching music video, and it is a distinctive taste of what you can expect from this artist in terms of credibility and sonic aesthetics, revealing the performer’s talent for creating enticing layers and distinctive hooks. As the title of this song might imply, Let’s Rock is a powerful statement! This tune is fresh and spontaneous and it definitely sets the bar higher with a world class mix. The music video is very special too, as it was recorded in the São Paulo area, Brazil. It features many amazing local actors who are known and respected for their work!

If you are a fan of artists like Nine Inch Nails, Guns N Roses, and Linkin Park, this song should definitely be your cup of tea. The sound of this particular release is extremely nuanced, showcasing the immediacy of an artist who has a lot to say, and who is arguably extremely passionate about creating purposeful music that people can connect with. From the quality of the production, to the artist’s charismatic persona and the genuine quality of the song’s theme and mood, all the right ingredients in this sonic recipe are well-dosed and calibrated to perfection. There is a timeless quality to the sound of this song, because it doesn’t chase trends or stylistic cliches, but rather follows along a pattern of authenticity, which is informed by the artist’s passion.

Find out more about Fernando Triff, and do not miss out on Let’s Rock, which is now available on the best music streaming services on the web.

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