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Ferns Releases Navalgazing EP

Malaysia-based indie pop band Ferns announces their third release, Navalgazing, a 4-song EP released 29 August, 2020 on CD and digital platforms. The record is their first EP of new music in almost a decade since their sophomore LP, Fairweather Friends in 2011.

The band has previously shared the first single and video, “Auf Wiedersehen” which can be viewed on YouTube and heard on Spotify.

The single is a sparkling concoction of jangly indie pop that conveys the yearning for escape to an idealised holiday destination, away from the loneliness and drudgery of daily existence. Its video frames this theme as a video diary, told through the point of view of a lost ocean explorer. It was created by Ferns members Abigail De Vries and Warren Chan.

Navalgazing is a self-released effort, with all tracks written and produced by the band, and recorded at Iseekmusic Studio.

Navalgazing is informed by the sometimes futile desire to find fulfilment in life through the escapism of travel. Its subject matter can be summed up simply as a “passport to heartbreak and holiday fatigue”; an idealised place that exists in the mind, where chiming guitars, dreamy synths and boy-girl harmonies evoke the buoyant highs and forlorn lows that accompany vacation endeavours.

Recorded before the global Covid-19 pandemic brought cross-border travel to a screeching halt, the record also now benefits from an unintentional sense of poignancy in view of a lost privilege some may have taken for granted.

Navalgazing launches on 29 August, 2020 on CD format as part of Record Store Day Drops 2020 at participating record stores. The EP is also available for CD / digital download directly from Ferns’s Bandcamp channel.

About Ferns

Ferns is a veteran indie pop band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that has been active for more than 15 years. The current line for Ferns involved in the recording of Navalgazing are Warren Chan (vocals/guitar), Abigail De Vries (keyboard/vocals), Adrian Yap (bass) and Rudolf Frank (drums); guitarist Johan Tan is currently on hiatus. Though best described as “indie pop”, the band explores a diverse array of guitar-driven "pop” music - twee pop, power pop, dream pop and jangle pop are all fair game. Ferns made a name for themselves in indie pop / twee circles and beyond with the release of their debut album, On Botany (2007), which ended up on a number of Malaysian and foreign publications’ Best Of lists. Their sophomore album Fairweather Friends (2011) was also released to similar acclaim and they have since shared the stage with the likes indie pop heavyweights Club 8 (Sweden), Pelle Carlberg (Sweden), Say Sue Me (South Korea) and Mocca (Indonesia).