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Finnish Antivalent released a song about the healing power of love

"We wanted to create a track that combines large stadium rock sound and Finnish melacholy, with a feeling of hope." singer/guitar player Omar Zouiter backgrounds. "The composing process actually pretty much ended before it even started with this one. It came together so fast with vocal melodies and all. Of course we arranged it together at our rehearsal room." Zouiter continues. "This is a track that we shall put to the end part of our live set.

Antivalent also launches a blackcurrant wine with winery Pirula from Ylistaro, Finland. "The idea about own wine came out for starters as a joke at our drummers summer cottage as we had a sauna-evening there." tells the bass player Tomi Latvala. "We contacted the winery Pirula and they were also excited about the idea. And after a tour at the wineyard we started to plan the collaboration with them." says the guitar player Oskari Grahn.

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