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Finnish bombastic metal band Corrosium released a single and music video from their upcoming EP!

Promo pic by: Meri Löytönen

Finnish bombastic metal band Corrosium released a new music video and single 'Bleeding Starlight'. The track is taken from the upcoming EP which is set to be released later this year via Inverse Records.

Watch Bleeding Starlight music video below

The bandcomments:

"Bleeding Starlight is a good representation of Corrosium in 2020. Grandiose atmosphere, heavy guitars and earworm melodies surround a story, where the ones that try the hardest are not allowed to win. Years of playing music together have brought the band ever closer together and it shows in increased diversity in the songs. The single was produced byJarno Hänninen, who was the logical choice since he had his fingers deep in the previous album as well and has been a part of building the soundscape of Corrosium for a long time.

The video was edited out of “Have Love Will Travel”, a short film shot byJouni NaumiandOlli Lainewhile roaming the USA. The thematic of the film was a perfect fit for the song; to be lost, alone and inevitably going towards something."

Corrosium is a 5-piece alternative metal band from Kytäjä, Finland. The band got started several years ago as an idea to make music that's simple but melodic and thus, addictive. The original idea was to just record a few songs and be done with it. However, the songs turned out too good not to play live, and so it was decided to officially form a band and give it a name.

News story provided by Inverse Records