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Finnish stoner rock band Rückwater released a first single from their upcoming debut album Supernova

Promo pic by: Timka Seppänen

Demonstrating their rough sound in previous EP Bonehead, finnish stoner-rock group Rückwater is about to release their debut album Supernova. The album is released on July 23rd by Inverse Records. The album provides a mixture from heavy rockin songs to a more mellow tunes. The power-trio’s sound comes from heavy riffs combined with two lead singers and a dynamic drummer.

Watch first single from the album Rat in a Jar:

Drummer Jarno MacKone comments: "Rat in a jar is about a human mind who cannot let go of the past and gets stuck in a state of limbo. Musically the song is based on the groovy rhythm and offers some simple and catchy hooks."

News story provided by Inverse Records