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Firesites to release new single alongside DIY music video

restlessly dynamic in its scope […] a sound that is at times soothing, even whimsical, at others intense and cathartic.” (Spotlight)

Firesites is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Tom Waterworth. Since the release of Firesites’ debut Transistor EP, Waterworth has recorded and produced his first full-length album The Sun; its first single ‘Chemicals’ set for release on 9th October alongside a self-produced music video, following a stuffed panda’s tragicomic foray into human civilisation.

“Firesites have a distinct sound that is easily recognisable, giving them a flair of individuality,” according to Spotlight. The project pulls from a wide range of influences, creating a dynamic blend of synth-pop, heavy rock and glitchy electronic music. “The singer’s ability to conjure up so much emotion […] is mesmerising,” in the words NARC Magazine, “dark, dreamy, full of feeling and soul.”

‘Chemicals’ presents a new direction for Firesites. Centred around its signature synth hook, the track creates a dreamy soundscape with a soothing atmosphere. Waterworth’s understated vocals and warbly guitars bring a melancholic undercurrent to the verses, whilst a groovy bassline and unapologetically catchy melody permeate the chorus. Lyrically, the song touches upon themes of consumerism and escapism. Explaining the track’s background, Tom said:

At the time I wrote ‘Chemicals’ I was getting very fed up with being drip fed different bits of media – music and film and TV – and so much of it is just crap honestly. It’s amazing to me that so many millions and billions of dollars are put into these productions of TV and music that are just absolutely soulless nonsense, and the song is kind just the process of me finding my own niche in that at the same time as trying to create something in it.”

Waterworth has teamed up with fellow musician Sean Williams to take Firesites to the stage; the duo utilise an amalgamation of live-electronics and conventional band performance elements. Following the COVID-19 lockdown, Firesites are excited to get back in front of audiences and demo their new material.

‘Chemicals’ will be released on all major digital download and streaming platforms on 9th October 2020 with Almost Indie Records.