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First single of new album "Time"

Pamela Méndez is Switzerland’s best kept secret when it comes to singing and songwriting. Time to introduce her! Pamela is a singer blessed with a voice that can hardly be ignored. In her lyrics she manages to question societal issues without pointing any fingers. Songs are constructive, deconstructive.

The Bernese news attests to her "unbelievable presence“ and for Der Bund's,  Ane Hebeisen,  Pamela Méndez's songs are "Artistically ravenous, full of clever ideas, which are never pandering, but go straight to the heart.” 

This is what contemporary art-pop with a high musical standard sounds like. It is profound, yet danceable, confrontational but full of love and vision. 

In her new single, TIME, Pamela asks, "What is it that makes us rush through our lives, even though we value life so much?" She encourages listeners to decode ancient belief systems and to share a view of the HERE AND NOW.

What do we need today to grow as a society but also as individuals? Méndez usually doesn’t offer answers but rather space where there is the room to ask questions. The album, following the title track TIME, will be released internationally in February 2019.

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