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This track signifies the resurrection and rebirth of Flamma after taking a decade out of the grime scene which is reflected in the introduction of the song. Once the beat drops the speed of delivery and flow can often overlook the content and word play found littered in the midst of this track. This track is a freestyle and lacks the typical catchy hook or chorus which Flamma is developing a knack for and although a chorus may have given it a more commercial appeal it may not be to everyone's taste. If you enjoy a rapper spitting straight bars with no convolution of the truth in a snappy yet melodic way then you won't go far wrong with this one. Ultimately in a scene saturated with a lot of MC's Flamma has a sound that will undoubtedly be noticeable from the crowd as he has qualities that make his cadence unique.

This song was written in the space of a day or two as it all came naturally. The best tracks always seem to be the ones that come you spend the least time on and come about this way. When I heard the beat for 'Alive' the base was hitting my soul and the chimes sounded like they were calling me! I picked up the pen and let loose speaking about the lack of quality rappers while trying to display some of my flows. Most importantly I speak about the truth and never lie, talking about my life experiences as well as my thoughts and feelings on this track. This track is only the beginning and I will endeavour to continue and improve, watch this space!

This track was written in my kitchen. I had recently parted ways with my producer and was on the lookout for a new producer to work with. I was scouting for beats online and found 'Alive', I knew straight away I wanted this beat so I wrote the lyrics in my kitchen that same day! I had a lot of anger and stress at the time and this track allowed me to escape and release some of that stress. I literally wrote this track for fun and didn't expect it to be as popular as it is. Once my friends heard it and started going crazy, I knew I had something good.

I would like to think this track will give people motivation to train, or give them energy! Determination to achieve their goals you know? I put a lot of energy into this song so I hope that energy can be felt by the listener. 'Alive' can make some people aggressive but in a good way!

Artist Bio:

Flamma (short for 'Flammable') is a Fire-Fighter of Turkish Cypriot origin from North London. Ironically, the name ‘Flammable’ was chosen well before becoming a Fire-Fighter. Some may call it fate.

Unfortunately, in his late teens Flamma was stabbed by a gang of youths in a case of mistaken identity during postcode wars between Edmonton and Tottenham. Fortunate to survive, Flamma describes the incident on the track ‘Rise’. This experience changed him and his perception of life.

Although he continued to write music, the next decade was spent focusing on studying to graduate and training to become a Fire-Fighter. Now more stable and settled in life, he has a newfound hunger and urge to pick up from where he left off.

Flamma prides himself on flow and having depth to his lyrics. This is achieved through meaningful lyrics with the use of clever word-play and puns. At first you may not always catch these hidden gems due to the speed in which he delivers however, you will discover more with each listen.

Now much older, Flamma's experiences in life have resulted in his performances being more truthful and raw. As he says, he has learnt to become 'unapologetically me'

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