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Flint Moore - Yellowman Blueheart

Cambridge rock folk band Flint Moore are releasing a new CD named “Two Part Sky”. In celebration they are putting on a release show at the Cambridge Junction, which they have funded entirely themselves.

The band won first place at the Cambridge Band Competition in 2017. Since then they have toured across the country and played at many different festivals, including Secret Garden Party, Bestival and Common People.

“Two Part Sky” will be released on the 13 th of September, and the show will be on the same day. In addition, they will be streaming their first single from the EP “Yellowman Blueheart” from on the 9 th of August on YouTube.

The release show at the Cambridge Junction will be held in the J1, where Flint Moore will be joined by bands “Djuno” and “Camisayo”. Pre-orders for the CD “Two Part Sky” are available now through digital storefronts.


“The rock folk band Flint Moore don’t believe in doing music by halves – it must be ferocious and raw, or delicate and emotional. When people try and describe their sound, they reach for many different names – from Pearl Jam to Mumford and Sons, Audioslave to Dave Matthews Band. Whatever their choice, it always speaks volumes of Flint Moore’s powerful and honest performances. Flint Moore is grassroots in their attitude and grounded in their worldview. They believe connection is everything.”

Summary/Inspiration for lead single “Yellowman Blueheart”

“Yellowman Blueheart is a loveletter to both Mumford and Sons and Pearl Jam. It Wrestles with themes of wealth and death, and the person inbetween. The way it rises and falls, stops and starts tries to capture the spirit of uncertainty.”


“A must see band producing a big confident sound” – Down The Front Media

“A band who leave you with your jaw on the floor mesmerised” – Tom Simkins, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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