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Following the success of her first two singles Lisa Akuah releases ‘Dancing Trees’

"Lisa’s songs and stage presence ooze class, honesty and sincerity. Lisa displays some of the best qualities not just of musicians, but of humankind. Through the melancholy melodies and touching lyrics, Lisa is hopeful, joyful and thankful. I think that shines through.” (A. Scrace, BpM Podcast)

After the success of her first two singles ‘Natural Worrier’ and ‘Bubbles’, Lisa Akuah releases psychedelic folk ballad ‘Dancing Trees’ on October 30th 2020.

A late summer afternoon in the shade. All around is nothing but the faint bustling of the airport turned city park. The blanket spread underneath the tree, the gaze is directed upwards. Towards the leaves. And they are dancing…

‘Dancing Trees’ is a journey through the innermost doors and hallways of the human mind, that under normal circumstances remain closed. With the song, Lisa Akuah takes a walk through her mind during a deeply transcendental experience and recounts the feelings and impressions gained during those short few hours.

Feeling enlightened, free and inspired when she wrote it, ‘Dancing Trees’ reawakens those experiences every time it plays.

The floating but equally grounded soundscapes of the song evoke a close connectedness to the earth while immersing in breezes and emotions and put the listener underneath those dancing trees on that warm late summer afternoon in Berlin.

Recorded at The Famous Gold Watch Studios and produced by Cameron Laing, the song sets itself apart from Lisa Akuah’s previous releases as it shifts slightly away from the harmonic focus more to a low vibration and psychedelic sound landscape. At times, the listener feels like they are floating in the open sea, when an immense creature glides beneath them, momentarily taking their breath away, only to gently tuck on the tear ducts the next moment, when ‘Dancing Trees’ crescendos into a multi-layered choral and orchestral chorus.