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Folwark (Heavy Psych / Kraut) - New Video and Album out now

Vimāna are the mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics, perfect and mysterious machine to travel towards forgotten worlds. This no man's land between history and utopia is where Folwark's spaceship travels at full speed engines.

Jules Verne's journey through the Legendary and the "Inconnu" in search of new dimensions for the Self.

Francesco Marcolini (guitars, synth) and Tommaso Faraci (drums, theremin) - based in italian central region of Umbria - had already shared endless psychedelic jam sessions and alternative life experiences when they started Folwark in 2014 (the name is the Polish word for Farm).

They choose to go for instrumental sounds, experimenting with synth and theremin over a tight guitar + drums basement.

What they got is a fuzzy, granitic, hypnotising texture that goes beyond any heavy psych, stoner, kraut or post rock label.

Folwark's sound could remind of something vintage and classic as Hawkwind, and it's at same time futuristic and visionary as Radar Men from the Moonand Föllakzoid's trips.

Vimana was self produced and recorded by the duo in their own reharsal space, an hermitage site that could remind of a stable, but also of a power plant.

Mixing and Mastering have been in charge of Claudio Adamo.

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