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Forgotten Heroes by Luca Bluefire

Humanity's expansion and development is created by those who dare, those who

have the courage to go one step further, and show what is possible to the others.

But what about those who do so and fail or - even worse - die?

Are they a part of humanity's progress? Will they be remembered in history,

and from those who will benefit from their courage and their actions?

"Forgotten Heroes" is inspired by the great number of applicants to the project

"Mars One", a one-way ticket to Mars with no possibility of coming back.

People willing to leave their planet of origin to explore wider spaces,

even if that means a certain death in the unknown.


Luca Giancotti (aka "Bluefire") is a multi- instrumentalist musician born in Denmark,

where he is currently based, and raised in Italy.

Luca comes from a rock background as a guitarist and a bassist, and has been

releasing records and touring Italy and Europe with different bands.

He has always been working with sound design and music production,

Among other projects, he worked in collaboration with the label and music library

Apbeat.it on several tracks and EPs.

Courtney Waldron is an independent singer songwriter based in Nashville, TN.

Courtney has an eclectic background as a vocalist, and has performed classical, jazz, musical theater, pop, and released her debut single “Waiting for Me” in 2020.

She expresses yet another creative side on Luca Bluefire's "Forgotten Heroes."