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Former Gillan/Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Bernie Tormé releases 'Shadowland'

Locked away in his studio in the heart of the rural countryside for most of 2018, renowned guitar player Bernie Tormé has been steadily working on his latest release, ‘Shadowland’. His first album with his new trio, ‘Shadowland’ is a double set, featuring Tormé’s bruising rock n blues, all topped with his unmistakeable lead playing.

Tracks including ‘Water into Wine’, ‘Sun in Splendour’, the epic ‘Forever’ and first single ‘Come the Revolution’ are packed with powerful riffs, rock solid drums and fantastic solos. Special mention must go to the ‘Innovative Jam/Chaos Theory’ track, a cut that Bernie invited Pledgers to play on the track. The result is a near-fifteen-minute epic, painstakingly put together and mixed by Bernie, a mammoth task but a fascinating listen!

The album also features a guest appearance from Bernie’s former Gillan bandmate, Colin Towns on keyboards.

Bernie hits the road in the UK for the final time starting November 22nd!

More on Bernie Tormé;

Guitar legend, blues rock psychedelic shredmeister, glam punk sleaze rock frontman: Bernie Tormé has enjoyed a long and remarkable career. Hit records, world tours and international acclaim came as lead guitarist in Gillan. After which, Bernie stepped in for Ozzy Osbourne in the aftermath of guitar legend Randy Rhoads' tragic death before going on to front Electric Gypsies and Tormé. Teaming up with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and Iron Maiden's drummer Clive Burr, Bernie put together Desperado and later reunited with ex-Gillan colleague, John McCoy and drummer Robin Guy in GMT.

Returning to the stage in 2013, Bernie also began working in his favoured trio format once again, releasing three critically-acclaimed albums; 'Flowers & Dirt' (2014), 'Blackheart' (2015) and the 3CD ‘Dublin Cowboy’ (2017) package (comprising a live, an acoustic, and a new electric studio album).

All three were crowdfunded, connecting Bernie directly with his fans.

Bernie states: “In the past you were pretty distant and separated from your fans with a record label in between. Making these albums with pledge campaigns has been a great experience. I like having the connection with fans and getting the feedback direct on making an album.”

Bernie Tormé has recorded over 24 albums in his career to date as a solo artist or band member.

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