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Fragile Creatures - Can You?

Fragile Creatures L-R: James Crump, Aaron Neville, Adam Kidd, Tom Alty, Adam Whittles

“Fragile Creatures seem fully evolved and adaptable to any dangerous environment on their début LP, And Other Wild Things, which is versatile, slick and often bares its fangs.” THE VERSE

Combining rock, grunge, pop and catchy melodies, Fragile Creatures evoke the spirit of great musical innovators of the past, from Bowie to Blur and beyond. Resistant to the formulaic, going wherever the musical muse takes them. Their debut album And Other Wild Things takes you on a musical and lyrical journey, documenting post-millennial life in the UK. Covering themes as diverse as life, death, drugs, dementia, Armageddon and Alan Turing whilst delivering music that’s wrapped in the familiar textures of rock'n'roll, in all it’s multifarious glories. In a time when the call for the reinvention of guitar music is a daily occurrence, it’s refreshing to hear a band who, whilst standing on the shoulders of their heroes, are forging ahead, dreaming of the future and creating beautifully crafted songs that will lodge themselves in your head and move you to the dance-floor.

The core of the band; singer-songwriters Adam Kidd and Aaron Kieran Neville, along with leadguitarist Tom Alty, met at secondary school in Hove, where they became close friends, and played in their earliest bands: cheeky young faces regularly performing on Brighton’s late 90s pub gig scene. After a brief hiatus through university days a prototype Fragile Creatures scraped together enough money to record an album (as Adam Kidd Band). That recording has never been released but it led to the friends signing an independent publishing deal, leading to a period of development where the band found their rhythm section of James Crump on drums and Adam Whittle on bass guitar. Having played in aggressive alt-rock bands through the early noughties, Kidd went back to his roots to establish the Fragile Creatures sound, revisiting childhood favourites like Blur, Radiohead, and the Beatles, while Neville’s contributions tend more towards the 80s pop rock of groups like The Police, Phil Collins, Toto and Prince.

And Other Wild Things was recorded in Brighton and Bath, produced by Stuart Bruce (Band Aid, Duran Duran, Yes). Those fruitful, productive sessions were marred by tragedy and delay, though, as the band’s publisher David Vatchnadze passed away after initial sessions in Brighton Electric. This lead to a year’s delay before recording could be continued. Without Vatchnadze steering the ship further complications ensued, meaning when the album was finally released in March 2016, three years after sessions had begun, the band struggled to reignite the momentum their selfreleased Fragile Creatures EP had created in 2014. And Other Wild Things, released on local label Brightonsfinest Presents, got an enthusiastic response with radio support from Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music, Melita Dennet (BBC South Introducing), Absolute Radio, and local Brighton stations Juice FM, and Radio Reverb, but the band couldn’t help wanting to move on to fresher material and never took the record on the road to the extent they would have liked.

Eager to avoid repeating the issues that had made the their debut album’s birth so complicated behind-the-scenes, the band took a half-step back to refocus, not just on writing this time, but on recording too. Having spent the last couple of years under the radar, experimenting with selfrecording on a shoestring budget in their rehearsal studio, the band have now written an uncompromising set of new material, embracing the DIY approach, and tapping into the fun that brought them together as musicians and friends in the first place. Finding a sweet spot, somewhere dead in the unlikely middle ground between smooth 80s pop rock and the more aggressive sounds of late 70s garage rock and early 90s grunge, the band have coined their new sound ‘punk yacht’. Watch this space for a couple of exciting new releases the band have planned for 2019. It’s time to let yourself get swept up and join the adventure.

Fragile Creatures will be releasing 4-tracks of new material on May 3rd 2019. Heart Beat EP will be available to pre-order from April 5th when track 2: ‘Can You?’ will be unveiled for immediate download.

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