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Fragile Creatures Release Incredible New Single 'Monster' & Album 'Punk Yacht'

Fragile Creatures have always performed a musical balancing act between our diverse musical tastes – we tend to want to do everything we each like all at the same time. Why can't you play like Nirvana and Blur at the same time? Or Radiohead and Queen? Or David Bowie and Chic? Well, that last one kinda happened, in a way, didn't it? The title Punk Yacht makes a bad joke about the difficulty people have had in placing our sound over the years. This wrestling match between soft & smooth vs. hard & rough, feels normal to us, but seems to bother some! Punk Yacht also plays on the idea that you might have to be 'for real' as a punk, but somehow 'fake' or 'manufactured' to play yacht rock (for example). All of these genres and their trappings are just fashion and sales patter. Punk style was created to sell clothes – it's a commodification of radicalism. So we decided 'fuck it' let's be both punk and yacht at the same time. There's no doubt plenty of original punk rockers holding massive coke parties on their boats by now anyway.

Fragile Creatures second album, Punk Yacht, is available digitally or on limited edition CD, from August 21st 2020, which can now be pre-ordered from Bandcamp.

The album was recorded by the band in the Portslade rehearsal room they share with Electric Soft Parade. Fragile Creatures are the main project from Brighton musician Adam Kidd, a singer-songwriter and now indie producer, who’s been playing the local scene since his early teens. Kidd’s father, Jeremy, was the singer in cult 80s indie band Red Guitars, and Adam has played side-man for groups like The Fiction Aisle, Fierce Friend, and The Mojo Fins, all the while fronting the mighty Fragile Creatures. 

Combining rock, pop, grunge and catchy melodies, Fragile Creatures evoke the spirit of great musical innovators of the past from Bowie to Blur and beyond. The band prepared for the release of Punk Yacht, with a series of psych-pop singles over the last year (Give Me The Rhythm, Parallel Lines, Big Red Button, Phantom Limb, and A New Low) following on from their 2019 release Heart Beat EP. The band’s decision to go fully independent followed their frustrations with the time it took to get their first album, And Other Wild Things, recorded and released working with an independent publisher and then a small local label (Brightonsfinest). Ultimately Fragile Creatures decided that they loved making music together, far more than trying to work inside the business, and opted to continue with a focus on fun and spontaneity. 


Fragile Creatures formed in 2012 when Kidd signed a recording and publishing deal fresh out of art school. Aaron Kieran Neville and Tom Alty had been playing with Kidd since secondary school, and bolstered by new recruits James Crump (drums) and Adam Whittles (bass) they set off on a mission to bring their eclectic take on indie rock to the world. After a promising start with early singles ‘Dear Michael/She Makes Me Nervous’ gaining critical acclaim, and ‘Stowaways’ going stratospheric on Soundcloud and earning them 6Music play, the band’s momentum was shook when their independent publisher and mentor died suddenly just as sessions for their first album began. The following few years were full of complications, with their debut album And Other Wild Things finally released on Brightonsfinest Presents in 2016. The label’s budget for the release had mostly been spent on legal fees and the band were burnt out: a great record that just slipped under the radar.    

In the aftermath the guys kept meeting every week to rehearse and write new material at their Portslade studio. Their love for making music together was as strong as day one, so they carried on, bought some microphones and figured out how to record themselves, while Kidd went back to university, taking a Masters in the Music Industry at WaterBear College. Their first fully independent release came in May 2019 with the Heart Beat EP, dipping their toes in the water of complete independence. By autumn 2019 they were back with their first Punk Yacht single ‘A New Low’ having partnered with a mixing team based in France, old friends Aaron and Tristan MacLenahan (ex-80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, 12 Stone Toddler, Chung King) and sharpened up their own production skills. Complications from the coronavirus crisis forced them to delay their original spring release plan, but the band swiftly adapted – recording and releasing a lockdownlive cover of ‘Wish You Were Here’ in April with all profits donated to #SaveOurVenues, and re-setting their release plans for August. They’ve continued to record lockdown sessions ever since, with their #TuesdayTunes web series, so far they’ve performed half of the Punk Yacht record and a handful of cover songs from artists they love.   


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