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Multimedia artist Gabriela Michele Milkova fuses poetry, music, the visual arts and performance to create spellbinding audio and visual delights. Her latest single ‘Healing’ is part of a larger project Do You Know The Sea?, a series of five poems all of which will coincide with the release of a book by Metanoja Publishing House, an album and, finally, a captivating performance. ‘Healing’ will be the first introduction to the project and is the first single to be released from the collection.

Blurring the line between poetry and music, ‘Healing’ is bewitching and ominous, Gabriela’s tone and rhythm flow beautifully, the backdrop of delicate percussion and woozy backing vocals allow for her voice to become the centrepiece. It’s theatrical and performative, intertwining various elements of the creative arts to create a masterfully produced single. This cements Gabriela as a visionary when it comes to her craft.

Working with fellow collaborator and musician Annabel Grace Steele, Do You Know The Sea? is a richly rooted project, figuratively told by two characters which come to life through Gabriela’s poetry. Speaking on the project, Gabriela explains that it “focuses on mythological and biblical archetypes as well as modern and contemporary emblems of brokenness and despair”.

Very few artists are creating exciting content which marries poetry and music. You can listen to ‘Healing’ here. Keep up to date with Gabriela’s releases here.

Following the release of ‘Healing’ there will also be a remix by electronic artist Albion.



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