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Gaby K to release Ain’t Worth The Fight

Gaby K brings a unique edge to both pop and soul in her new single ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’, deriving her inspirations from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, Lily Allen and Mae Muller. The guitars are the driving force of the song, drawing focus throughout. The instrumentation is the perfect podium for the lyrical content as it uses typical RnB idiosyncrasies. Through her unapologetic British accent and lyrical honesty Gaby K invites the listener to connect with the narrative of the song, reminding you of an early Amy Winehouse.

Discussing the sentiment behind her new track, Gaby K said:

“This song is all about empowerment. We should not settle for someone who does not give us the time and effort we deserve. In my opinion, for a healthy and successful relationship it’s not about materialistic items but rather the priceless effort and attention that you give and is reciprocated. If someone doesn't feel they need or want to do that and you are having to constant fight for them and ask for something that should be effortless then it’s not worth it. It is not worth fighting for someone who won’t fight for you.’

Gaby K is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and can regularly be seen performing around Birmingham and London playing originals as well as covers in her own particular style. Known for her emotive vocal tone, a natural ease on stage and down-to-earth persona, she has built up a solid local following which has given her a platform to promote her latest single ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’, releasing in mid-November. Gaby K has the potential to reach great success and her eclectic style is one that firmly stands out.