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Gemini Eye is the musical project of Gem, a musician, producer, performer and visual artist from Croydon, South London.

A potted history of Gemini Eye: In 2012, Gem started recording music in the basement of the abandoned government building in central Croydon where they lived at the time. The project grew into a psychedelic lo-fi noise pop record, recorded in the basement (giving the entire record its distinctive roomy sound) during 2012-2013. At this time, Gem was also playing drums for doom quartet Mount, who rehearsed in the same space.

The following years were spent working on larger collaborative musical projects including:

  • Singer, co-writer, The Upper World

  • Produced The Upper World's debut single, It's Hard To Operate A Zip When You're Burning , one of Jim Cambo from Freshonthenet's 'best tracks of 2019'

  • Musical director and arranger for an experimental opera, Anat Ben-David's Kairos , performed internationally and at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

  • Drums and piano on the Cannonball Statman record Playing Dead , plus engineering and producing their subsequent, as yet unreleased album In 2018, Gem started working as a studio assistant at a recording studio in central London, where -- secretly, after closing hours -- the majority of Murdered Arc Remains was recorded over an eight month period.

Gem is non-binary, but as with previous projects like The Upper World, the intention has never been to make the visibility of their queer identity a priority or a feature. " I definitely think my non-binary-ness is inherent in the work that I make. Particularly the new record... it's about how language is a structure that we depend upon but also are limited by. Like, there are always things between words that we can't express, which is why we have music and visual art and stuff. But we depend so much on language every day, and it gets us into trouble. This record is full of songs about people not being able to understand emails or letters for some reason, and being unable to communicate in all sorts of ways. It's a romanticisation, or even a glorification, of the struggle to even identify as a human, the problems our incredible complexity brings."

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