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Genetic Engineering by Time Dilation ft She Robot

Genetic Engineering by Time Dilation ft She Robot is released in June via Northern Quarter Records.

After being invited to play Polyfest at the Dublin Castle last year, post punk rockers Time Dilation Unit were introduced to She Robot and asked by producer Mike Bennett (the Fall, Ian Brown) to record a cover of an X-Ray Spex track.

Genetic Engineering

was the result - a song with lyrical themes way ahead of its time and even more relevant today, highlighting what a brilliant lyricist Poly Styrene was. Time Dilation Unit provided the music, She Robot the voice and Mike Bennettthe production - an eclectic mix of musical stems creating a master record..... musical genetic engineering

“Time Dilation Unit are the f**kin’ bollocks..” Louderthanwar.com

“a great mash up of manic musical minds…” Soho Radio


Based between Kent, London and outer space, the band create stomping, rocket fuelled psychedelic space circus glam/rock, with sax, synths and heavy, heavy bass.

Following on from the success of the band first single Pain in My Side, the band are bringing new track Oliver Twist to the ears of the masses.

How would the tale of the Parish Boy’s Progress be told in modern times? What would happen to poor abandoned Oliver Twist? David Lightfoot explains the motive behind the track…

“The song is a modern spin on the tale of Oliver Twist. This time Oliver Twist has fallen in with a bad crowd of record industry crooks who force him to knock out generic by numbers music to fleece the public.The video sees the fagin of the story with vinyl records in which the band are trapped. As he flings them to the ground they smash and the band appear and are forced to dance around while fagin conducts the puppet show.”

In Time Dilation Unit’s latest offering Oliver is a creative musical artist who has worked his way into and fallen foul of the music industry. He manages to escape the clutches of his evil record publisher, to which all his rights were sold when his previous publisher went into administration. Leaving his songs behind, he falls in with a new gang. They dazzle him with the bright lights of the big City and a hip new crowd. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realise until it’s too late that these guys are even worse than those who came before and they soon get him to work on creating music by numbers, stealing and chasing ideas from all and sundry…..

What will happen to poor Oliver now he’s a multi-Platinum popstar puppet signed to Fagin records in a very unfavourable deal? Time Dilation Unit will be finishing the tale in another chapter soon…

Oliver Twist is an abstract psych groove that opens out into a big 70’s Stonesesque glam stomp with swirling sax and screaming vox.

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