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Back on Tuesday 28 th July, Leeds' Genie Genie launched the follow up to his debut single 'LUST OVER YOU' with a double track release, titled 'FETAL/FAIRE UN VOEU'.

Performing from a young age and previously making appearances on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds aged 16, Genie Genie protagonist Louie Tissiman is now embarking on an avant-garde project, exploring new avenues through experimental instrumentation and theatrical performance.

Genie Genie spent months experimenting with his sound, refining both the audio and visual side of his art, culminating in the creation of this pair of tracks that stand to define him as an artist. Both tracks bring his trademark organ sound to the forefront, alongside incredibly emotive vocals, drum machines, synth basses, an experimental “shepard tone” middle section, broken guitar and world instruments.

This has resulted in him forging two tracks that transport you to somewhere very, very different. Bearing hallmarks of psychedelic pop, the songs draw you into a journey of introspection and adventure, and are sure to leave you in a different place than they found you in.

‘Fetal’ is the first song, a track that wouldn’t be out of place on a David Lynch movie soundtrack. Immediately awakening the listener in a strange and complex new landscape and building to a spiritual eruption of sound and textures. The track leaves the listener feeling reborn with a new sense of understanding. Crafted from the first ever Genie Genie demo, ‘Fetal’ fittingly marks the genesis of this new sound that Genie has crafted and nurtured.

The second track, ‘Faire Un Voeu’, inspired by the likes of T-Rex and Transglobal Underground, was recorded at Olympic Hall Studios with producer James Grant. This song takes you on a deeply reflective journey, covering themes like greed, politics and romance, all brought together in a beautiful, aggressive, 4 minute experience.

Expanding to a multi-instrumental collective, Genie Genie delivers huge, theatrical live performances that give new layers to his already unique records. A taste of this came with his exciting live set for Latitude's virtual festival, which has seen him receive more and more recognition from reviewers and artists alike.

These include a review from Gigwise, who said his first track, Lust Over You, 'Feels like the pieced together amalgamation of various fractured puzzle parts', as well as Deluxe Music Collective, who said that with Lust Over You, 'Genie Genie have provided a soundtrack to the emotional torture of lust and love through a captivating set of lyrics and instrumentals'.

Some other listeners have described Genie Genie:

'It’s not often a single comes out sounding like no other at the moment, but Leeds based Genie Genie has produced something deliciously weird' – Old Man Blues

Lust Over You’s distinctive sound was described as 'New-rave punk' by Futuresound Promotions.

“One of the most exciting artists we are currently working with, Louie’s approach to his art and unique sound is truly inspiring. At the studio we strongly feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come from Genie Genie and this is one you definitely should not sleep on!” - James Grant, Head Producer and Owner, Olympic Hall Studios



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