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Gentle Savage releases a new single & video called ”Karelian Magic”

Lately the band has been working with producer Timo Kämäräinen and mixing engineer Jesse Vainio. With their contribution, Gentle Savage has found a more musical, yet rougher sound.

Vocalist Tornado Bearstone says:

Karelian Magic is a fairly personal love song, but one side of the story is universal; every man who loves his woman, knows what it means to be under her spell. It`s a positive spell that empowers you. About the awesome female voice you hear on the track; that`s my friend Rita Lovely singing there. I think Rita`s vocal parts really spiced up the song”.

”The video happens in a modern, fast moving grafic environvement. Director Saku Perintö from Lumifilms got this idea of putting some magic into the video. Therefore the video is built on graphic shapes, optical illusions and storytelling”.

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