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Georgie Femme - (Yo Yo Yo You're So So) Sweet To Me

(Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me is a story of true love and tooth loss. I wrote it last year after my dentist politely but abruptly informed me that I can no longer eat sugar. As someone with something of a sweet tooth, I found this a really difficult challenge!

It just so happened that this all came to pass shortly after I had broken up with someone who, though a lovely person, was far too clingy and consumed all of my attention to the point that it was affecting my health.

Naturally, I found parallels between the two situations and that’s how (Yo Yo Yo You’re So So) Sweet To Me came to be. The song was recorded by Paul Winstanley at Brighton Electric recording studio, it was mixed by myself and mastered by Zac Chandler.

All four of the band are incredibly proud to serve this delicacy as our first offering, and we look forward to releasing more in the near future.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Georgie McBurnie

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Georgie Femme

Artist Biography

Georgie Femme bring a fresh queer perspective to modern British guitar-pop. Frontwoman Georgie McBurnie’s lyric-heavy, allegoric songwriting touches on themes including love, loss, mental health, gender euphoria and trans experience, supported by high-energy guitar arrangements between herself and lead guitarist Ali Hitit, and danceable grooves from bassist Eve Singleton and drummer Tom Mitchell.

The band started after Georgie, sick of hearing her songs sounding 'half finished' on acoustic guitar, asked her housemate Tom if he wanted to "start a band and take over the world". After recruiting Ali & Eve, plans for world domination are still in the works, but they are definitely now a band - and that will have to do for now.

Musically, the band takes influence from Talking Heads, Queen, Devo, Ween, RHCP and The Cat Empire, while their lyrics have been compared to those of Courtney Barnett, Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and Regina Spektor.

In the five short months they have been together as a band, Georgie Femme have developed an hour-long set of original material and amassed a small but devoted following in Brighton. Their debut single ‘((Yo Yo Yo) You’re So So) Sweet To Me’ is available to stream and download now, with more material scheduled for release over summer and autumn of 2019.

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