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Giant and the Georges - Butterflies

Zingy hook lines, tangy riffs and vocal harmonies sweeter than honey.

Giant and the Georges are dynamic performers who specialise in composing peculiar, yet annoyingly catchy tunes!

Four piece alternative indie-rock band based in the Black Country, West Midlands (UK).

Giant and the Georges is formed of two brothers (the Georges) and a relatively tall man (the Giant). Originally an acoustic trio, the band met their fourth member and thus, discovered electricity!

By combining their eclectic range of influences, Giant and the Georges have created an electrifying fusion that is guaranteed to captivate any audience (terms and conditions apply).


This exquisite ballad is a departure from Giant and the Georges’ more driven indie rock sound, though it still encapsulates their ‘summery’ vibe. You can still hear smooth three-part harmonies, complimented by poignant slide guitar and silky arpeggios laced with reverb. It tells the story of love, loss and yearning, through expert musicianship and timelessly unforgettable melody lines. An instant classic.

Discovered via Musosoup