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GIANT to release old skool analogue dystopian 'Glitch' 22nd March

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Introducing GIANT X GLITCH the Debut Single

Coming Out 22nd March 2019

Giant is the hip-hop infused brainchild of progressive collective, Archive. For this new collaboration they decided to go ‘back to their roots’, hooking up with MC 24Vision, on ‘Glitch’ their first single to take us through a futuristic though analogue dystopian world filled with freshly cut beats and breaks.

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‘Glitch’, from the forthcoming debut EP, is a hard-hitting blast at modern society – a stream of consciousness taking bites out of religion, war, and the current state of daily play, all sitting on Giant shoulders’ killer-punchy beats and soundscapes, reminiscent of Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

The future promises to introduce a host of other vocalists and guest artists as it scours forwards and takes us into stranger, darker territory; but lead single ‘Glitch’, with its refrain, “Stay strong ‘til the end of the week” and its intense performance video, shot by David Levine, promises some much needed motivation. With the resurgence in British hip-hop and the climb of grime in the UK and across the pond, there is great excitement building as to where Giant might lead.

With a career spanning 25 years, and 12 studio albums, Danny and Darius, the founder members of Archive have journeyed a landscape flitting between the trip hop of Tricky to Oxford’s indie faves Radiohead. Recorded at infamous Hirondelle Studios in Bishop Stortford, Giant are here to do it large.

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