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Go Gracious release superb London Underground dance routine video for 'Solid Influence'

The south London duo making two men sound like 10

Go Gracious was dragged, kicking and screaming, into existence once their half written ideas had become stadium sized, with razor sharp pop hooks delivered over a fiery growl of heavy guitars and dance beats. Imagine if Dragons did it, yeah?

Morris and Dee first met at a show in Kent where Dees’ performance prompted Morris to declare: "You're a great front-man, but you need a better band".

Morris told Dee he should join forces with someone with an ear for the anthemic, and so he did, although with doubts about one man’s ability to replace an entire band. But when modern technology collides with irrepressible will, miracles and wonders can also happen.

Go Gracious take inspiration from everything they’ve listened to and loved.

With a string of stirring, undeniable singles ready to come out on The Animal Farm label, they should be the only thing you listen to and love. The first of which, ‘Solid Influence’, is a stomping piano driven indie-rock instant classic with a superbly cheeky video featuring a great dancing routine on the London underground.

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