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Go Robot - Smoke

Go Robot is an indie rock band from Surrey, UK, which formed at the start of 2019. Their name was originally a tongue-in-cheek call of support for the character Robot in Lost in Space. “He was always being unfairly called a `bubble-headed booby' or a `cowardly clump' or something by Dr Zachary Smith, and I couldn't help but feel for him despite the fact he wasn't really able to express any emotion.”

While writing their debut EP, due later this year, the band decided to focus their efforts in the studio rather than live, enabling them to explore different instrumentations without restraint. "We find this quite liberating from the usual drums, bass, guitars setup that many bands find themselves forced to write for.”

Go Robot’s debut single, Smoke, is a nostalgia-fuelled track about the unnecessary pressure we put ourselves under. “When we’re young we tell ourselves that we will achieve many things over the course our lives. It’s inevitable that some of these things won’t work out, and when these missteps start to build up it can have a really adverse effect on some people. This song is simply a message saying that it’s okay to fail now and then - it’s not the failing that harms us, but the pressure to succeed. ” Smoke will be released on June 7th.

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