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Godhead Machinery's second album Aligned to the Grid is released today!

Album cover by: Robert Kail Karlsson

Swedish unorthodox black/death metal band Godhead Machinery released their second album Aligned to the Grid today April 5th 2019 via Inverse Records.

"Aligned to the Grid is a much more dynamic album compared to Ouroboros but the lyrical theme is still strongly connected to the political and religious greed around us. I have also on this album been able to include a greater level of depth for our more atmospheric parts in the music, which for example can be heard on our track called “Hymns of the Wicked”. I really hope that we will get the opportunity to let these songs flourish from different scenes around the globe very soon. Kail - Godhead Machinery "

Track List

01. Tithe II 02. Alpha 03. The Existential Strive 04. Call of the Banner 05. Defiant Silence 06. Hymns of the Wicked 07. Above a Legion of Equals 08. Impassive Atrocity 09. Illusion 10. Aligned to the Grid

Album cover by: Robert Kail Karlsson

Promo pic by ​Staffan Lindroth


Niklas Ekwall - Vocals Robert Kail Karlsson - Guitar Tommy Ericson - Guitar Daniel Forsberg - Bass Marcus Somliga Andersson - Drums

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