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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Darman'

Darman is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Turin and he released his 3rd album ‘Necessità Interiore’ in April 2020.

While influenced by psychedelic rock, and capable of delivering mind-expanding free form suites, he also knows his way as for postpunk and 90s alternative rock, which emerges in his powerful, well crafted guitar songs.

During the European tour for his previous album ‘Segale Cornuta’, he performed on very prestigious stages, like Concerto del Primo Maggio 2012, Expo Milano 2015, Musaic-On Festival 2017 in Castelbuono (IT), and The Sound Festival 2018 at Innocent in Hengelo (NL), one of the most important venues of the European psychedelic rock scene.

Darman was also among the finalists in international film festivals like Near Nazareth Festival 2017, Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2017 and Cefalù Film Festival 2018 with the videoclip of the single Chioma di Berenice (2017) that reached over 139.000 views on YouTube.

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