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Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Dj Milan'

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

I am music producer & remixer,Milan Kitanovic, well known in my place as DJ Milan Production.I was born on 27.02.1986 in Belgrade(Serbia). Since 2005 i am active music porducer, and till now i made about over 100 music tracks. Mostly i make House, and besides that also Tech-House,Electro-House,Progressive House,Chillout, Vocal House, Vocal House Anthems,Electro, Dance, EDM, Future House Anthems and Retro Wave..In my 17 with my older brother i began to learn first steps of Electronic sound.

I continued, recreationaly to compose music till my 19. 2005 when i finaly started to produce in which i made my first electro named "PARADISE". In 2010 i made my first album named "The Reason of Life".

Behind my self,i have many albums and 1 compilation album which i released on Maj 2012.Until today i especially,2017.and 2018.was very important to me,because,thru these two years,i made more beautiful songs...2019.gives me a more beautiful creations...

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